What does it cost to use ETA-monitor?


Viewing arrival/delivery times is free. This means that any receiver of packages/services can always see at what time he/she may expect someone at the door. No login is required.

Supplier/Carrier/Service Provider

Registration and use of the software is free. The carrier/deliverer must register if they want to publish expected delivery times for the receiver to view. The publication service costs a small fee for each address according to the table. ETA-monitor aims for a “fair use policy”.


The recipient can be notified in advance via email of the expected delivery time at no extra cost. If the recipient would like to be notified via text message, then the carrier will be invoiced for the messages sent.

Trial Period

For the first month, the use of this service and E-Mail notifications are free. The cost of services for published times and sent text messages will start at the beginning of the second month and will be billed at the end of each month. ETA-monitor collects for the services invoiced eight days after the billed date. Note: During the trial period notification via SMS is not applicable.

Expected delivery / Service times

Uploading expected delivery / service times can be both manually and digitally done. Information about upload methods and formats are available for carriers once they have registered and logged in.

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